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.404" Harvester Bar

GB® XV Harvester Bars

GB® XV®, The legend just keeps getting better!  With the introduction of the all new Titanium®-XV® bar, GB® has once again proven that they continue to be the leader of the industry by consistently finding solutions for the needs of each operator. The new XV® model is available in .404" bars and is the standard that all other bars will be held to. With a newly designed ultra-high strength Titanium® Alloy Steel bar body the new XV® is still the hardest bar available today!

  • GB Titanium®-XV® Replaceable Nose Harvester Bar

    The newly designed GB® Titanium® -XV® professional harvester bar now comes with a 15 tooth nose sprocket, which allows for higher chain tensions that improve efficiency. The patented 15 tooth sprocket and unique oil feeder grooves work together to reduce friction and wear which extends the life of the tip. Ultra high strength Titanium alloy steel bar body reduces bending and has been proven to be the strongest harvester bar available.

  • GB® XV® Replaceable Nose Tip

    A 15 tooth sprocket and game changing internal oil feeder grooves that delivers lubrication to the parts that require it most. The larger nose and sprocket allow the chain to slow down by reducing RPM's and ultimately extends the life of the tip. While the patent pending technology of the unique oil feeder groove delivers consistent lubrication to the premium bearings which not only extends the life of the bar but also reduces the risk of nose spreading. The result, improved cutting performance, less vibration, reduced chain slip, and longer life.

3/4" Harvester Bar

GB® 3/4" Harvester Bars

GB® Professional Harvester Bars 3/4" pitch are designed with mounting configurations to fit most mechanical harvesting and buck saw equipment. For decades GB® has delivered the highest quality alloy steel. Combined with real Titanium®, this high grade alloy steel becomes extremely durable, resulting in fewer bends and increasing run time for operators. GB® has consistently manufactured a unique profiled bar that meets the chain perfectly for optimum performance. When partnered with the appropriate drive sprocket the marriage is complete and maximum performance is attained.

  • GB® Titanium® Harvester Bar

    Manufactured to exacting tolerances to maintain precision clearances for sprocket rotation providing less sprocket heating. Made from hi-tech Titanium® alloy steel ensuring trouble free performance in all cutting conditions.

  • GB® ¾" Replaceable Nose Tip

    Complete replacement sprocket nose kit with advanced sprocket tip system. Ultra high strength Titanium® alloy. Swiss bearings. Fit's Oregon 3/4" bars.

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